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KNOWING the Cusco or any other destination of the Peru with Marino Tours, not only that than a journey, it is an only experience taking the pleasures into account and our customers's preferences, dedicating the personalized attention that you merit, for it to each one of them we had professionals' equipment arranged to offer him the best of the Peru. Our page Web, and our staff, they will offer him permanent assistance, orientation and the information that you need to program his parcel to his measure on tour. We invited you to program his journey for the Peru and being a part of the family Cusqueños.

Cusco Peru

Cusco, the Principal Arqueológica of America it was the legendary Inca Empire's capital. The most surprising in Cusco is the overlap and the syncretism of three cultures: The Quechuan indium native, the colonial Spanish and the modern.

Cusco's bigger plaza known as the WaKaypata in the Inca times, era the place of many celebrations and still a place comes from ideal meeting for the present-day celebrations. The Cusco's and The Company's Cathedral, two of Cusco's colonial churches, they frame the plaza. Another colonial churches that they must not forget belong to St. Sunday ( the Inca Qoricancha, or Oro's lot ), Santa Catalina's convent ( Place in the Acllawasi Inca, or the Chosen Women's residence ) and San Blas with their famous pulpit, at the neighborhood the artist.

A journey without a visitor is Cusco the legendary Machu Picchu inconceivable. The trains depart from the Cusco daily, three to four hours on tour to Machu Picchu and return Cusco in the afternoon, unless you want to sleep at a Hotel at Machu Picchu's archeological place or in Aguas Hot.

The more adventurer can do a long walk and can camp at the Inca road, of two to four days on tour at the Inca road departing from the Cusco. Another journeys through the Sagrado Valle of the Incas to Ollantaytambo's fortress and Pisaq's agricultural Inca terraces must not get lost.

Cusco's journeys to Sacsayhuaman, the Inca solid- stone fortress with a bird's-eye view of the city of the Cusco, and visiting Tambomachay, Puka Pukara and Qenqo.
Join tour to the Indian vivid markets Pisaq or Chinchero captivate it with craftsmanships; Both towns have remains of Inca ruins.

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